Useful information

In Basel there are numerous offers for refugees. We are in contact with other projects and would like as many people as possible to profit from this network. This selection gives you an overview of all the projects in Basel.

GGG Benevol
In their offer “Better German through encounter” („Besseres Deutsch durch Begegnungen“) GGG Benevol mediates language partnerships with people of different cultures who want to improve their everyday German.

Sprachcafé (Language café)
There is a weekly language café in the Café Frühling. Here you can practice and improve your German in a casual atmosphere and meet other German learners. Further, there are German native speakers present who will help you and answer all your questions.

Perspektiven Studium (Perspective studies)
Informative platform of the VSS (Organisation of the Swiss student bodies) which contains all information on the subject of studying for refugees in Switzerland.

GGG Benevol
Refugees get the opportunity to live with hosts in the canton of Basel City (Family with children, younger or older couples, single or shared flats).

Wegeleben is a project that wants to show you the shared flat housing culture of locals and helps you with finding a suitable shared apartment.

Beratungsstelle für Asylsuchende der Region Basel (BAS) (Information centre for asylum seekers in the region of Basel)
The legal aid office will advise and accompany asylum seekers in getting a fair procedure for granting the right of asylum. HEKS offers if necessary judicial help.

Anlaufstelle für Sans-Papiers (Centre for people without residential permits)
The centre offers individual counselling for people without residence permits. Further, they organise information events on often asked subjects.

Freiplatzaktion advice on the subject of asylum. Either at their opening hours or by individual appointment. Their goal is to create an accessible, open and uncomplicated counsel.

Schweizerisches Rotes Kreuz, Health Guide to Switzerland (Swiss Red Cross)
The counsellor of the SRK helps migrants to get along in the complex Swiss health system. The counsellor informs on subjects such as prevention, health insurance and medical supply and is available in 18 different languages.

This platform contains information on all important subjects for people new to Switzerland. The information is available in different languages.

The Bleibe-Guide is a handbook that collects all information, tips and addresses in Basel which are important for asylum seekers. This contains contact and information centres, accommodation, meeting places, learning offers etc. The guide is free of charge and available in seven languages.

I-Need informs refugees of lunch specials, lecture hours, clothing, medical treatment, counsel and much more in different regions of Switzerland. The offer is also available as an app.

ASK Basel
ASK Basel offers a great range of sportive activities: Soccer, volleyball, yoga, hiking trips and a lot more.

Freiplatzaktion Basel
Freiplatzaktion organises each Monday evening a soccer match for men. Moreover, there are a lot of trips which are open to all.

Sur le pont
Sur le pont organises weekly trainings in soccer and volleyball.

Boxerei Grenzfrei
At the Boxerei Grenzfrei people from all over the world train together.

Yoga für Flüchtlinge – Lotos Yoga
This yoga studio offers free yoga courses, particularly for women.

Basel hilft mit
The association organises events and trips for asylum seeking people.

Klassik Sharing
This organisation enables Basel based refugees who are interested in culture to visit classical concerts and to meet people who are also interested in classical music.

At the evening sale of the Kaserne refugees are offered a free entrance if there are tickets availabl. Just take your identification card and go and ask!

Internetcafé Planet 13
The Internetcafé Planet 13 is an exchange and meeting place for people from various social circles and cultures: To get to know each other, to exchange, to dismantle prejudices, to bring in new ideas, to develop new projects and to support each other.

Projekt DA-SEIN
DA-SEIN is a meeting point for refugees. You cook and eat together and in the afternoons there are different activities such as handicrafts, making music, dance and baking.
Opening times: Wednesday to Friday, 14.00 – 21.00

At the meeting place FRAU-SEIN women who have sought refuge have a room for themselves to exchange, to maintain friendships and to shape their free time together.
Opening times: Wednesday, 10.00 – 17.00

Sur le pont
Sur le pont offers different activities for spending time together: Sports, games, cooking and eating, music and dance, discussions and a lot more.

Migranten helfen Migranten (Migrants help migrants)
The association organises frequent meetings, workshops and events for people all over the world.

The project gastschafftfreund wants to create contact between refugees and the locals of Basel. People should get to know each other in an uncomplicated way. People who already live in the region of Basel invite refugees to a lunch or dinner at their home. The project provides the contacts.

The Union is an encounter and cultural centre. It offers different open meeting points, courses and events for neighbourhood residents of all generations, countries and social classes.